The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients.

"The support provided was truly remarkable, a concerted team effort comprising countless hours of group and individual effort. As a result our ability to command and control our forces has increased quickly and dramatically and we are poised to make even more gains as the roots they put down mature. The planning, training, teaching, and composing that they performed now forms a solid core of the SOP for the CPOF system and an integral part of the overall Tactical SOP. Most notably, the hard work, competence and professionalism shown by each of these individuals has left a mark on 2d MAW (Fwd) and in each of the Marines they worked with…"
United States Marine Corps
2D marine Aircraft Wing Forward

"Global InfoTek, Inc. provided critical and timely engineering support which positively affected the counter improvised explosive device (IED) fight. Global InfoTek's efforts greatly improved the COIC’s ability to provide timely fused intelligence products directly to the warfighter."
Joint Task Force Paladin -U.S. Army
Operation Enduring Freedom

"Global InfoTek, Inc., is a member of the CPOF Front-Line Team that led the complicated, simultaneous deployment and maintenance of CPOF systems to military units preparing for deployment to and performing missions in Iraq. Global InfoTek, Inc. and other members of the CPOF Front-Line Team are a model of how diverse companies and organizations can collaborate to create a highly efficient and effective program."
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency- DOD

"Your exceptional mentorship during the Army’s Command Post of the Future seminar contributed tremendously to a successful operation. Furthermore, your hard work and dedication will serve as a guide through uncharted territory in our Army’s future and its Transformation."
Headquarters, 3d Infantry Division (Mechanized)
Ft. Stewart, GA- U.S. Army

"Your outstanding professionalism and commitment to excellence has contributed significantly to training the unit. Your actions are appreciated and prove essential to the success of the unit."
Vulture Team National Training Center

"Outstanding support in training our leaders on the Command Post of The Future. Because of your invaluable training, we will be able to completely utilize CPOF when we field in Kuwait. "
The Regiment of Mounted Riflemen

"Your hard work, technical expertise, and patient instruction contributed immensely to our ability to command and control the division during the challenges of operations in Baghdad."
Headquarters, 3d Infantry Division (Mechanized)
Ft. Stewart, GA- U.S. Army