Global InfoTek, Inc. Corporate Commitment to Quality

Global InfoTek, Inc.’s fosters a culture focused on ensuring that all customers consistently receive high quality services that are delivered on-time and within budget.

Responsibility for sustaining the integrity of the quality processes is held equally by the senior management, the line management (Program Manager, Teaming Coordinator and QC), employees and teammates that work as members of the Task Order project teams. The Program Manager (PM) has overall authority and responsibility for the delivery of high quality services for EAGLE II. The PM, in his role as the central point of contact for DHS, is accountable directly to the GITI CEO and to the DHS COTR and CO for all quality related issues on the contract.

Past Performance is an Indicator of Future Performance

Since 1996, Global InfoTek, Inc. has delivered high quality services to DHS, U.S. Army, the Intelligence Community, the U.S. Air Force, the Naval Research Lab (NRL) and Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). Our skilled and quality conscious staff has helped these agencies to maintain technological. GITI provides DHS with high quality, mission-focused services through EAGLE II and awarded TO(s).

Overview of the Global InfoTek, Inc. Quality Management System

An overview of the TeamGITI Quality Management System (QMS) is shown below.

Quality Management

Quality Management System for Consistently Delivering High Quality

Global InfoTek, Inc. has incorporated the best practices of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMMI) and of ISO 9001:2015 in our methods and processes.

Our processes are flexible and will be tailored to incorporate the needs of new Task Order requirements, yet serve as a standard for repeatable processes to achieving high quality results.

Quality Control, Assurance Audits, Appraisals, Reviews and Training and Communication

Global InfoTek, Inc. delivers high quality services and mitigates risk to quality and performance by establishing and complying with a comprehensive quality assurance and surveillance plan.

Quality Assurance Method Purpose Frequency
Monthly Customer Status Reviews Discuss status, progress and issues and corrective actions Frequency and content determined by TO
Frequent Coordination Immediate feedback on quality and performance issues, customer required changes As needed
TeamGITI EAGLE II Portal Real-time and online communication Secure log-in and accessible 24x7
Customer Surveys Identify performance quality from customer perspective Midway and at conclusion of project
Peer Reviews Inspections, structured walkthroughs, and peer reviews where work products, defects, and other process changes are addressed Based on project plan and TO requirements
Software QA Verification that the products of each software phase satisfies the standards, practices, and requirements for correctness, completeness, consistency, and accuracy GITI: Per project plan

Customer: as requested

QA and QC Training All project team personnel understand quality requirements of TO and their role to ensure adherence and the integrity of our services and solutions
  • All employee on-boarding action
  • Project Team (GITI and teammates) after each new TO QA and QC plan is completed
  • After material corrective action
Quality Management Checkpoints


The Global InfoTek, Inc. quality control (QC) plan, based on ISO 9001:2015, is comprehensive and flexible and results in the delivery of high quality services to all DHS customers. Our QC process will incorporate specific Task Order requirements and reflect them in our QC processes and Quality Assurance plans. To identify issues that degrade the quality of the service or product, we will monitor work for adherence to project plan and processes. We will track and report on all quality issues and our staff will identify and implement corrective actions for all quality issues in a timely manner.

The Global InfoTek, Inc. QC Plan will bring the following benefits to our government customer:

  • Innovative, pragmatic programs, low risk in nature, that meet DHS mission goals and requirements
  • Quality Assurance metrics and triggers, that help determine TO and best industry practice compliance
  • Efficient, tailored processes, lower in cost, that ensure successful SW testing and IV&V testing