Cutting Edge Cyber R&D and Solutions

Global InfoTek, Inc. develops advanced cyber solutions to our U.S. Government customers. We create solutions for challenging missions, and conduct game-changing research on cyber warfare. Our success stems from a strong and diverse group of technologists, deep knowledge of leading edge technologies, and a focus on our customers’ challenges.

With an involvement in both commercial and academic spheres, we are ready to support our customers with all their cyber needs.

Global InfoTek uses state-of-the-art technology to discover vulnerabilities and develop exploits across a variety of platforms and protocols. Working closely with our customers, we develop innovative tools and solutions to protect against vulnerabilities and exploits, to keep our customers’ systems secure.

Global InfoTek, Inc.’s Cyber Intelligence Analysis and Threat Awareness (CIATA) is a solution applied to our customers’ situational awareness and monitoring needs. CIATA provides the ability for our customers to rapidly respond to changing threats and a real-time capability.

Global InfoTek, Inc. solutions work with existing assets to provide full situational understanding, monitoring, and visualization.

Global InfoTek, Inc. offers cyber services to detect limited attacks. Our experience and thorough understanding of the nature and types of attacks provides our customers with the knowledge to anticipate, block, and confine malware. Global InfoTek, Inc. provides this level of protection on both a large-scale and small-scale basis, protecting our customers' assets and systems.

Global InfoTek, Inc. has designed and implemented various beyond-state-of-the-art host defense technologies including:

  • Address space randomization
  • Process Environment Block (PEB)/Thread Environment Block (TEB)
  • Lightweight taint analysis
  • Automated crash analysis
  • Automatic generation of blocking signatures

The result of our approach is a proactive defense that meets the operational challenges posed by real-world attackers.

Global InfoTek, Inc. has Cyber T&E technology expertise. Our experience in testing and performance across multi-organizational teams gives our customers near-real-time visualization to monitor, control and evaluate T&E activities. Our customizable, fully scalable solutions give the Government access to metrics for tracking testing, as well as range management for resource allocation.