Applied Research & Development

Global InfoTek, Inc. provides an award-winning research approach, where research is aimed at developing and transitioning advanced capabilities to end-users. This success stems from a strong and diverse group of technologists, a history of working collegially with the broader research community, and novel approaches to integrating component technologies.

Global InfoTek uses an experiment-driven research process to ensure continuous focus on operational relevance and on achieving our research goals.

Global InfoTek's technologists help our customers with conducting research and developing strategies for building a symbiotic relationship between the researchers from academic community and large systems integrators.

Global InfoTek provides agility in developing proof-of-concept capabilities to elicit user feedback and demonstrate progress. Global InfoTek received DARPA's award for transitioning research capabilities to the warfighters.

Global InfoTek offers the following capabilities in the area of Applied Research and Development:

Technology Insertion

Global InfoTek helps its customers identify relevant technologies from across the Intelligence Community, from commercial vendors, and from the research community. It develops conceptual visualizations to help explore the analytical value of specific technical capabilities and to help explore alternative ways to perform analysis. Global InfoTek also develops strategies and architectures for the exploitation of advanced technologies.

Global InfoTek helps our customers introduce more rigor into the analysis process. Global InfoTek finds, tests, integrates, and deploys the tools and technologies that simplify the analytical process. When no tool is available, Global InfoTek finds, develops, and integrates cutting-edge research from across academic research, the national labs, industry, and the government. Global InfoTek performs rigorous scientific evaluation of tools or algorithms to identify strengths and weaknesses, and this gives us the opportunity to assemble the best combination of tools for our customer. Global InfoTek provides powerful graphical tools that let end-users create ad-hoc analytical workflow to automate complex and time consuming tasks.

Global InfoTek develops and employs an agile, experiment-driven process for rapid prototyping and integration. This process typically results in an initial capability in no more than 90 days, and development cycles as short as a week. The agile process allows us to focus on enhancing mission effectiveness and benefit to users by continuous refinement and early deployment of operational capabilities.

Global InfoTek is able to support rapid deployment of capabilities because of our broad, hands-on experience with relevant technologies, and our exploitation of proven processes and toolkits for integration. Global InfoTek has a strong record of conducting cutting-edge, relevant R&D for AFRL, NRL, DARPA, IARPA, and other organizations.

Global InfoTek uses semantic technologies to enable our customers to derive more explicit meaning from massive amounts of data. Our solutions have enabled our customers to exploit their data in new ways, gradually adjusting the manner in which they are perceived, exploring new relationships and helping to make sense of non-obvious interconnected information. This encourages further linking and reuse to incrementally grow the available pool of data that can be shared.

Global InfoTek helps our customers reduce the risk of, and accelerate the deployment of semantic technologies, through its extensive hands-on experience in developing and deploying semantic technologies. GITI has developed ontologies for the DOD and the intelligence community customers to support information sharing and integration.

Global InfoTek has built semantic mediation solutions across multiple data sources originating across the intelligence and law enforcement communities. Global InfoTek has developed semi-automated tools to build semantic mediators for graph-structured data – using a common ontology, substantially reducing the time and cost to integrate tools using such data.

Global InfoTek provides expertise with real-life deployment of semantic technologies that use World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards like XML, RDF (Resource Description Framework) and OWL (Web Ontology Language) that serve as a foundation for our approach.

Global InfoTek offers its clients its experience in applying algorithms and tools to address the end-to-end knowledge discovery process where we extract knowledge from large volumes of unstructured and structured data. Global InfoTek brings to bear our intimate understanding of the characteristics of intelligence data, the COTS and GOTS knowledge discovery and data mining tools, techniques, and processes needed to ingest and analyze diverse sets of data for our customer's unique problems.

Specifically, Global InfoTek exploits intelligent pattern discovery and data mining algorithms to identify relevant patterns and develop models of the dynamic and adaptive environment, while also exploiting prior knowledge.

Global InfoTek brings to bear prior work and capabilities in pattern discovery, data mining, machine learning, agent-facilitated ad hoc team formation and support, user modeling, and exploitation of prior and tacit knowledge.

Global InfoTek uses agent and service oriented architecture to integrate diverse analytical tools at a significantly lower cost and effort where the traditional approach is based on creating customized one-to-one integration solutions. Global InfoTek has successfully created an analytic workflow management system that the analysts call the "Universal Connector." The Universal Connector reduces the large amounts of time currently required to stage and process all-source intelligence data, then use different applications for discovery and visualization of this data.

The Universal Connector infrastructure records data provenance throughout any ISL/CHAIN-enabled analytic workflow. Provenance tracking is started immediately upon data receipt. Provenance is recorded in detailed terms, such as data source, data record, unique personal identifiers (e.g., passport numbers, drivers licenses numbers), and the relationships between identifiers common to multiple records..

The information explosion over the past decade has shifted the focus from gathering data to creating knowledge. Global InfoTek provides our customers with knowledge creation solutions, from semantic understanding of data to user controlled orchestration and workflow

Global InfoTek researches, designs, develops, and scientifically evaluates intelligent software applications using a broad range of state-of-the-art knowledge intensive techniques. Global InfoTek strives to solve customer's hard problems by using the best state of the art techniques and building on the latest research for scalable and deployable technologies.

Global InfoTek, Inc. provides experienced staff to conduct scientific test and evaluation of emerging technologies for its customers. Our staff works closely with program managers from concept definition to post experiment analysis to ensure unbiased technical assessment of complex information systems. Global InfoTek, Inc. has supported numerous test and evaluation efforts during the past twenty years. Our experience enables us to offer proven strategies for scientific accomplishments and attainment of program objectives.

Depending on the program's needs, Global InfoTek typically provides the following services:

  • a robust system concept technology transition and insertion environment that accommodates competing technologies, enabling the Government to get a balanced view of alternative and competing technologies, including a commercial baseline,
  • define appropriate component and system level metrics in collaboration with the research community and the functional user community,
  • provide instrumentation, monitoring, and visualization services,
  • assist in the development and capture of metrics,
  • design and conduct Technology Interoperability Experiments and Integrated Feasibility Demonstrations of technologies in an operationally meaningful context,
  • establish a Community Clearinghouse and web portal to enhance information and technology sharing and commonality across the research community

As a test and evaluation performer Global InfoTek often helps to focus and accelerate the pace of research projects by developing a clear, program-wide system concept that fosters the research and development of representations and artifacts needed for interaction across program areas.